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Eggless Cooking/Baking

Eggless cooking/baking is challenging when it comes to baking.  But there are some egg replacements that can be used.  Recently, I have been cooking/baking many eggless dish and they come out perfact every time.  Here are some substitution for egg.
Eggless Recipes
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Visit Dessert section for great eggless recipes

Flax Seeds
How it looks like 



Where to get

Flax seeds




Ground Flax Seeds

1 Tablespoon flax seeds+3 Tbsp water=1 egg. Finely

 Grind 1 tbsp whole flaxseeds in a blender or

coffee grinder, or use

2 1/2 tablespoons

pre-ground flaxseeds.

Transfer to a bowl and

beat in 3 tablespoons of

 water using a whisk or

fork. It will become very

 gooey and gelatinous,

much like an  egg  white.

In some recipes, you can leave the ground flax in the blender and add the other  wet ingredients to it, thus saving you the extra step of

the bowl.

It tastes best and works very

well in things like pancakes,

 and the texture works for cookies. Chocolate flavor cake-y recipes have mixed results, I would recommend only using half portion flax-egg in those, because the taste can be overpowering.  

Health and food store(In the U.S., Walmart have them in baking section)

Also Indian grocers carry them.

Always store

ground flaxseeds

in the freezer

because they are

 highly perishable.

This mixture is not

only an excellent replacement  for

eggs, it also  

contributes vital

omega-3 fatty acids. I use coffe grinder to grind raw flax seeds. No need to roast flax seeds.

Silken Tofu
How it looks like 



Where to get

Regular Silken Tofu


Organic silken Tofu

1/4 cup blended tofu = 1 egg.

 Blen until completely smooth

 and creamy, leaving no

graininess or chunks. You will

 want to add other wet

ingredients to this mixture to

 get it to blend properly. I recommend vacuum packed extra firm silken tofu, such as Mori-Nu. 

Dense cakes and brownies,

and in smaller quantites for

lighter cakes and fluffy things (if the recipe calls

for 3 eggs only use 2 "tofu" eggs"). Whizzed tofu

leaves virtually no taste,

so it is an excellent

replacer in cake recipes.

In cookie recipes, it may

make the cookie more

cake-y and fluffy than anticipated, add 1

teaspoon of starch to the

recipe (such as arrowroot

or corn starch) to combat that.

Health food

 store shelves,

 and in most supermarkets.

Ener-G Egg Replacer
How it looks like 



Where to get


1 1/2 tbsp + 2 tablespoons

 water mixed well = 1 egg 
It is good to use

a pinch, in all baking that

requires a few eggs. However, you

can definitely taste it in cakes and cookies (tastes chalk-y)

It seems to work best in cookies, or things that are supposed to be a little crispy.

Usually used in commercial cooking. So hard to find.

Health food stores, some supermarkets in the baking or ethnic food section.

Over Ripe Banana
How it looks like 



Where to get

1/2 banana blended until smooth

or mashed well= 1 egg. Bananas

work wonders as an egg replacer

in baking, which is the reason many banana bread recipes don't require

eggs. They hold the air bubbles well, make things nice and moist, and

impart a nice flavor. However, you don't want everything tasting like banana, so use in things where the taste won't be intrusive. I've also noticed that baked goods using banana brown very nicely.

Quick breads, muffins, cakes, pancakes. Tip: Make sure bananas are nice and ripe and have started to brown.  

I think you know better than me where to find banana!!! 

Soy Yogurt Or Regular Plain Yogurt
How it looks like 



Where to get


1/4 cup soy yogurt = 1 egg.

1 cup plain yogurt = 1 egg. 

Soy yogurt works a lot like

whizzed tofu as an egg replacer.

It makes things moist and yummy.

Quick breads, muffins, cakes   

In most supermarkets

Pureed Fruits
How it looks like 



Where to get

(mashed bananas, applesauce, apricots, pears, prunes)

¼ cup for each egg. Increase

leavening by 25-50%. Bake items

slightly longer, if necessary.

Cakes, quick breads and brownies.

In most supermarkets

Baking Soda and Vinegar
How it looks like 



Where to get

1 teaspoon of baking soda along

with  1 tablespoon of vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar and white

distilled vinegar can be used.

Cakes, cupcakes and quick


In most supermarkets

Substitute for egg wash –Tofu wash can be used in place of egg wash, To make tofu wash, blend/mix together ¼ cup of silken tofu with 1tsp vegetable oil and set aside for 15 min, use as required.

Simply use oil, dairy/nondairy milk, dairy/nondairy butter. ¼ cup of light corn syrup thinned with very hot water can also be used for glazing.

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