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Peanut chikki

Chikkis are basically bar or brittle. Chikkis are very popular vendor street sweet. I have shown here how you can make with peanut but you can basically make with any nuts or seeds.


11/2 cup Mumphali-Sing(peanut)
3\4 cup shredded gud(jaggery)
4 tbspoons water

1/4 tsp Elaichi(cardamom powder)




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Roast the peanut in the heavy bottomed pan or kadai on law heat.
When it is roasted then turn off the stove and let peanut cool down.

When it's cool remove the skin and break each peanut in to parts so it is easy to spread in chikki.
Now, heat water in a heavy bottomed pan.

Add shredded jaggery and mix well.

Melt Jaggery on low heat.

When jaggery changes color to little bit dark(Make sure not to burn the jaggery) then add roasted peanuts in it.

On low heat,  mix jaggery and peanuts very well for 1-2 minutes after that turn off the stove.

Grease a tray or any clean surface and spread mixture evenly to make chikki.

Slightly draw horizontal and vertical lines before it cools down.

When it is cool cut in to square pieces.

Store in air tight container in cool place.

Follow the same recipe to make sesame seeds(til), walnut, cashew(Kaju), almond(badam) or pistachio chikki.

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